Advance Termite Bait System

Probably the best termite bait system on the market

Advance Termite Bait System Review

Advance Termite Bait SystemIf you want the best thing available on the market for termite baiting, the Advance termite bait system is the perfect solution for you. This is a termite bait station for the next generation, with vertical slots that give it an amazing wood to soil contact.

What does each station have? First, there is the base for termite monitoring. This contains the termites’ preferred food, which is wood :). Then, there is the 2nd cellular source, a cartridge for termite inspection, to be more precise. In a clear cartridge, there is Puri-Cell matrix. This whole system makes inspection a very easy thing to do.

Hinges and keys are made obsolete by a quick lock cap. A very handy feature, to say the least. The technician operating this utility is going to be aided by the spider tool. The stations can easily be opened by the aforementioned technician, even while standing.

How to use this: obviously, you need to install it around the perimeter of your house. Of course, if it’s a commercial building that has termite problems, the Advance termite bait system can be used for that as well. The stations get placed in the ground, 10 feet apart from each other. You can use a simple shovel in order to dig the holes in the ground. The termites will get attracted by the bait stations way before they can even reach your house. Do not forget that these stations need monitoring on a quarterly basis. If you detect termite activity, the inspection cartridge needs to be replaced with the bait cartridge.

Usually, termite treatment cost tends to go up, especially if you already have a case of termite infestation. Investing in bait systems and preventing the infestation might be a very wise thing to do. There are several Advance bait systems you can choose from on Amazon, which is the online retailer that will give you the best prices. They include the package with 10 stations, the one with 15, the one with 20 stations and finally, the one with 20 stations and the Dominion 2L pest control product.

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